Growing up I always enjoyed my time with my grandparents. I could count on a bucket of KFC chicken, homemade biscuits and sweet tea for lunch or dinner. There’s no way you would go hungry when you visited Grandnanny’s. 

I miss the days when I looked forward to a weekend at my grandparents. The sweet smell of honeysuckle mixed with the fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden. The summer afternoons outside on the porch, the picnics in the backyard with a salty ripen tomato sandwich. It was messy but it was good.


Today as I sit on my daughters couch and hold my grandbaby  I wonder if I can ever measure up to the grandparents I loved so much. I nearly tear up each time I look into baby Ethan’s eyes as he smiles at me. What did I ever do to deserve such a precious blessing? I look forward to the days ahead and the fun Ethan and I will have. I know it’s not posable to be perfect but I’m going to do the best I can to be the grandfather Ethan can love, depend on and respect. In addition to that I’ve dug out my grandmothers biscuit recipe and old sweet tea jars. Oh and if you come across any KFC coupons let me know. It can’t hurt.

Tonight’s Podcast is clips of a typical day with my daughter and grandbaby.